No more changing your curriculum multiple times a year!

Discover the unique intelligence within your child and unlock their learning potential using the curriculum you already own.

You can turn the daily battle of wills into a delightful learning environment and enjoy

  • Cooperation
  • Children who love to do their school work
  • Confidence they are learning what they need to learn
  • Conviction you are doing the right thing
  • Certainty the curriculum you buy will be the one that works for your children.


Recapture your child's inborn wonder, curiosity and vitality for learning. Susan Scott has synthesized the best in current education theory into an easily accessible eBook that empowers homeschool parents to maximize their child's academic success through understanding the unique intelligences within each child. 

The companion Teacher Planner has been carefully designed to help you simply and quickly create a map, called a Home Education Plan, to be your guide for your homeschooling journey. It is designed to help you:

 *Identify their gifts and genius potential
*Clarify your ideas and vision for your children so you can homeschool with confidence
*Know for sure which curriculum will work for your family and stop curriculum hopping
*Choose activities specifically designed to nurture your child’s unique potential
*Write out your long-term vision and goals to guide the rest of your homeschooling days

Your purchase includes:
The downloadable eBook $17.97
A downloadable Teacher Planner - $12.97
Free printable Home Education Plan pages
Links to additional free resources
Access to the author for personalized help  - $230

Normal Price  $49.97

Special Price $24.97

Your Child is Smart!

"Test scores don't tell the whole story. I've been writing, speaking and teaching about the potential found in every child for over 20 years. Traditional curriculum and tests evaluate only 2 of the 8 different forms of intelligence. Children with genuis in other areas are left feeling dysfunctional, discouraged and disabled because their potential is un-valued and unrecognized. Understanding the different types of intelligence and working with your child's natural bent can turn a frustrating homeschool experience into one of joy."